Monday, June 30, 2008

Add Keyword Browsing to Maxthon

Maxthon doesn't provide a default keyword browsing support but you can bring the functionality onto your own Maxthon easily.

From Maxthon menu bar, follow Tools > Maxthon Setup Center path. Click on Search link on the left panel. A new frame will appear. At the end of the page below Search Engines heading, click on the Add Item link. A new form area will appear. Fill out the form as shown below.

*Note: I have created a simple form area below, that is completely identical to Maxthon Add Search form. So you can right click on the text areas, copy and paste values to your Maxthon without losing time for typing. Choosing all text will be handled automatically when clicked on text.


Add ItemAdd Seperator

After filled out everything, click on Save. Open a new tab and type your keyword digg in location bar and press enter. Your location bar search will lead you to the site that your keyword best describe, in this case to DIGG .

Other example keywords you may give a try.

wikipedia keyword will bring you the popular open source encyclopedia - Wikipedia
flickr will bring you the best online photo management and sharing application - Flickr
blogger keyword will land you on the Google's famous blogging web service - Blogger

If you have any problem, question to ask or want to thank, don't hesitate to post as comment.

Hope it helps. Enjoy!

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