Thursday, April 2, 2009


Congratulations. Feeling Lucky Fixer upgraded to version 2.0 successfully.


*Fix for OpenDNS Mac changes
*Support for Firefox 3.6 and 3.7

I am a college student who tries to afford his life and college expenses by coding. I am on the way to collect next year's tuition. If you help me on that I will be really grateful.

If you have any question related to this release, please don't hesitate to send it as comment below.

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  1. What's DNS bypass support?

    And thanks for the very cool extension!

  2. Hello. Some users have critical OpenDNS response lag problem. Especially Mac and Linux users having this problem. Say when you type Amazon in location bar and press Enter, it takes up upto 10 seconds for OpenDNS to respond that DNS lookup. So some users requested to bypass DNS lookup and simply send the DNS lookup to I'm Feeling Lucky servers of Google. That way they can reach desired site without any significant lag.

    But again that workaround is for users having problem and it contains some compromises. Say when you type localhost in location bar and press Return, you do not get your localhost but an I'm Feeling Lucky search for localhost keyword. I do not recommend normal users to activate that bypass support.

  3. Hello,

    Type about:config in location bar and press Enter.

    Filter extensions.flx.bypassDNSCheck and change the value to true by double-clicking.

    Very very important note. Do not change this setting if you are not Ubuntu or Mac user and having really late response times from OpenDNS. Normal users do not need this bypass solution.