Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enable Location Bar Keyword Surfing For Flock 2

Social web browser Flock 2 comes with many improvements and changes. But it doesn't let you browse the web with keywords as Firefox does.

I have created a plug 'n play extension to fix the problem in seconds. No technical detail no dirty code. Just install it, restart your browser and continue your fun.

Compatible with Firefox, too.

How it works

When you type a keyword (e.g. Digg) in location bar and press Enter, Flock 2 will redirect you to a Yahoo search page related to that keyword.

Your keywords are redirected to a related Yahoo search page on Flock 2

After you install the extension the keyword browsing is activated and keywords that you type in address bar will direct you to the site that your keywords describe best.

After you install the extension keyword browsing is activated on Flock 2 and from now on keywords typed in location bar will direct you the site that your keywords describe best.

You can use multiple keywords at a time that create a logical unit, too. Type wikipedia heart in address bar and you will land on the Heart article of Wikipedia in seconds.

Hope it helps. Enjoy!

**Location bar keyword surfing is technically referred as keyword browsing. But publicly the facility known as I'm Feeling Lucky searches in location bar.

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  1. thank u, this was the only reason i didnt think id like flock, im suprised no1 else misses this feature.